Directtraffic with hands2

This four hour course provides detailed information and assists professionals who are regularly working in situations that require the use of hand signal only to direct and control traffic.

This course is suited to persons working for specialist organisations that are specifically authorised by law to control and direct traffic by the use of the hand and arm. The course covers the theory and practical components relating to the law and the most effective method of operation for different situations.

The following topics are covered by this course:

  • The law relating to control and directing traffic
  • Legislation, regulation and by-laws
  • Attitude, Dress and Bearing
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Methods used for controlling traffic
  • Traffic control devices
  • Vehicle intercept procedures
  • High speed highways
  • Intersections locations
  • Vehicle inspections and safe working practices
  • Stopping distances of vehicles
  • Safe speed zones
  • Offending motorists
  • Accidents
  • Protection from liability
  • Parking of vehicles for operator protection at road side locations
  • Practical use of effective hand signals for management of traffic
  • Working at night

The duration of this training course is four hours. The course will be delivered entirely face to face and comprises of theory and interactive workshopping for all students and requires attendance and participation in the training program which is presented by one of our qualified traffic training specialists.

There are no defined course prerequisites; however it is recommended that students must be able to read and understand the English language and be able to undertake some basic arithmetic.
Successful students will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance for the course undertaken.

These courses can be presented at your location for groups or companies with a specific requirement quantity to a maximum of 10 persons.

This course is only offered to persons actively engaged in organisations where use of hand signals is a requirement for their role.